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OK U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe issues statement regarding airstrikes in Syria

11:51 AM WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), ranking member of Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC), has released a statement in response to President Obama ordering air strikes in Syria to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
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OK U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe issues statement regarding airstrikes in Syria


  1. 11:51 a.m.OK U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe issues statement regarding airstrikes in Syria
  2. 10:17 a.m.School Bus Crash; No Kids Hurt
  3. 10:12 a.m.Tour of 9-1-1 To Understand Needs
  4. 10:09 a.m."This is not America's fight alone" - President Obama on fight against Islamic State
  5. 10:07 a.m.U.S. Airstrikes Begin Over Syria
  6. 9:56 a.m.Oklahoma State University starts a therapy dog program.
  7. 9:43 a.m.Oklahoma school closed due to meningitis scare
  8. 9:39 a.m.Oklahoma firefighter faces arson charges
  9. 9:37 a.m.Panel seeks high court's opinion on Capitol bonds
  10. 9:29 a.m.Charges filed against former Tulsa deputy
  11. 9:24 a.m.3 Oklahoma inmates captured after escapes
  12. 9:21 a.m.Company to add 65 jobs at Oklahoma mill
  13. Yesterday
  14. 9:29 a.m.Black Mass met with protests.
  15. 9:26 a.m.Handicap visitors at State Fair look for improvements
  16. 9:18 a.m.Man Rescued from Car in Creek
  17. 9:15 a.m.Police Respond to Shooting in Midtown Tulsa
  18. 8:53 a.m.EPA, state marks cleanup phase at Superfund site
  19. 8:49 a.m.Man dies in northeast Oklahoma church fire
  20. 8:46 a.m.4 hospitalized after 2 separate Muskogee shootings
  21. 8:43 a.m.Body found behind Oklahoma City church
  1.  Ex-Sen. Jim Webb 'Seriously Looking' at White House Run
  2.  Ebola Crisis: CDC Predicts Huge Spike Without Action
  3.  Fired Worker Kills Two Bosses and Himself at UPS Facility
  4.  Cops Hunt for Man Who Last Saw Missing Virginia Student
  5.  Do These Al Qaeda Veterans Pose Bigger Threat Than ISIS?
  6.  Five Ways to Put Your Retired iPhone to Work
  7.  Can Treasury Stop Companies From Moving Overseas?
  8.  British Prime Minister on ISIS: 'These People Want to Kill Us'
  9.  'Only the Beginning': Pentagon Vows More Attacks on ISIS
  10.  Three Dead in Shooting at Birmingham UPS Facility
  11.  Rhinorex or Schnozzlesaurus? Dinosaur Had King-Size Nose
  12.  Kansas Is Preparing for a Zombie Disaster. Literally.
  13.  Syria Terrorists Tested Bombs for Planes, U.S. Source Says
  14.  New Ebola Estimates Predict Huge Spike Without Action
  15.  Bin Laden's Son-in-Law Sentenced to Life in Prison
  16.  U.S. Bombs ISIS and 'Seasoned al Qaeda Veterans' in Syria
  17.  Watch Live: Pentagon Reveals Details of U.S. Attack on ISIS
  18.  Coming Up: Pentagon Reveals Details of U.S. Attack on ISIS
  19.  Rule, Britannia! Welcome to the World's Priciest City
  20.  Zoo's Killer Tiger 'Was Just Being a Tiger'
  21.  Grandfather in Gruesome Murder-Suicide Called 911
  22.  Russia to Add 80 Warships to Black Sea Fleet by 2020
  23.  Obama on ISIS Airstrikes: 'This Is Not America's Fight Alone'
  24.  Watch Live: Obama Speaks on Massive Strikes on ISIS in Syria
  25.  Israel Shoots Down Syrian Jet With Patriot Missile

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