1.18.19 The Rational Male-Advice For A Man in A Dead Marriage

1.18.19 Dr. Piper-Tulsi Gabbard, Parents & Religion, Gillette Commercial

1.18.19 Pat Campbell's 6a Hr-Kunzweiler/Hitler Video, Tulsi Gabbard Apology, Tulsa Poll

1.17.19 Jerad Lindsey-Tulsa FOP-Police Oversight & Calls

1.5.19 House Talk-Tankless Water Heaters, Wildlife In The Attic, Duct Work, Kitchen Upgrades

12.15.18 House Talk-Cleaning Rugs & Upholstery, Mullin's Platinum Program, Home Sealing Issues

12.8.18 House Talk-Bird Control, Septic Stuff, Preventing Frozen Pipes

11.24.18 House Talk-Asian Beatles, Mini Split HVAC Systems, Smoke Detector Combis

The Annica Thomas Show 1.13.18 The Ten - Part 1

The Annica Thomas Show 1-6-19 Margaret Westphal

The Annica Thomas Show 12.30.18 Simply Sisters

The Annica Thomas Show 11.4.18 City Elders