Dr. Tom Coburn to KFAQ: I Fully Support Bartlett, Bridenstine

TULSA (KFAQ staff) - With the election for Tulsa Mayor next Tuesday, endorsements are key down the stretch. Former U.S. Senator Dr. Tom Coburn was on KFAQ’s Pat Campbell Show Thursday morning and told PC why he is supporting incumbent mayor Dewey Bartlett and Jim Bridenstine for retention of his District 1 seat in Congress.

"I've supported Dewey Bartlett in his first race and his second," said Dr. Coburn. "I like his background. Nobody's perfect. Dewey Bartlett has built a big business. Dewey Bartlett has been successful. He has learned the ropes of the mayor's office. 

"He had a tough first term because of a real divided (city) council. But he's a great person. His heart is perfectly right. And he doesn't desire anything for Dewey Bartlett out of being mayor. He hasn't had any political career in mind. His is all about service to Tulsa."

Dr. Coburn said if you want to run against Bartlett, maybe this is not the optimum time.

"Dewey has already said this is the last time he is going to run," Dr. Coburn said. "Is he that bad that we have to replace him? The criticisms I've heard about Dewey are minor in comparison to the risks of having some young guy with really having no world experience other than politics. I mean that's all there is. There's nothing there except politics...Being the mayor of Tulsa, and is that a stepping stone for something else? And I'd tell you, I bet you it is."

Bill Shapard of SoonerPoll broke down the mayoral race for PC on KFAQ.

"We're finding that G.T. Bynum has closed the gap a little bit since the last poll we did," Shapard said. "With the margin of error, it's a dead heat. As I said on SoonerPoll.com, if you want to know who is going to win the mayoral race, just flip a coin."

Shapard also broke down the race in terms of polling done in Midtown and South Tulsa.

"In Midtown, G.T. Bynum has the lead over Dewey Bartlett," he said. "But in South Tulsa, Dewey Bartlett has the lead and that's where 4 of 10 votes are going to come from."

Dr. Coburn also said he stands firmly behind Bridenstine in the Congressional race.

"Bridenstine was the easiest endorsement I've ever done in my life," Dr. Coburn said. "He votes right. Every time. I don't have to worry about how Jim Bridenstine votes because he looks at the Constitution, he looks at what limits government. And he votes that way. Always. Every time. No matter what the rest of the Oklahoma delegation is doing."

(KFAQ staff report. All rights reserved.)

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