Daniel Holtzclaw UPDATE from Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin called into The Pat Campbell Show this morning with her weekly #FreeDanielHoltzclaw update

3 new things to report!

1. Legal news not yet reported anywhere else: Coyne/Adams have petitioned for a rehearing on their amicus brief. The petition is excellent - can't see how the court rejects it again. Makes the state AG look like an idiot.  Read the PETITION FOR REHEARING

2. Crime Watch Daily will air its special on Daniel on FRIDAY...it's the kickoff of Nielsens rating sweeps week. Jenny has posted about it on FB. We're hearing it will be a mixed bag. Nancy Grace is going to be on a panel "debating" the case, despite not knowing anything about it. That never stops people from spouting off on TV and making a living. Holding my breath.

3. May 2nd is the deadline for the state to either file its reply brief to the direct appeal or ask for another time extension.

Podcast of Michelle Malkin from The Pat Campbell Show today!
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