David Perdue: Dick Durbin's the Only One Claiming Trump Said ‘Sh*thole'

STEPHANOPOULOS: "You just said that what Senator Durbin said the president – the words the president used were not used. You said that that did not happen. But it’s not just Senator Durbin who said that, I mean Senator Lindsey Graham has put out a statement saying that he counted the president’s words in the moment, and he told his republican colleagues from South Carolina, to Tim Scott, that the reports of that meeting were basically accurate. Those comments have been confirmed by multiple sources, but you’re saying it didn’t happen?"
PERDUE: "Multiple sources? There were six of us in the room. I haven’t heard any of those six sources other than Senator Durbin talk about what was said."
STEPHANOPOULOS: "Look, Senator Graham told Senator Scott that the reports were basically accurate."
PERDUE: "Well that’s – you’ll have to deal with him. Basically is an operative word. The trouble here is that Senator Durbin came and brought a proposal, and let’s put this in perspective."
STEPHANOPOULOS: "I want to get into (inaudible) you’re saying – you’re saying flat out, definitively, the president did not say those words?"
PERDUE: "I’m saying that this is a gross misrepresentation, it’s not the first time Senator Durbin has done it, and it is not productive to solving the problem that we have at hand."


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