Democrat Congressman Who Oversees Sexual Harassment is Under FBI Investigation

Democrat Congressman Bob Brady of Pennsylvania is under FBI investigation for false statements, conspiracy and campaign fraud.

Brady is a ranking member of the Committee on House Administration, which gives him power over settlement payments with taxpayer dollars. The office also works to prevent sexual harassment in Congress.

The court papers say the Brady campaign paid a former judge $90,000 to drop out of a 2012 primary race. The judge and onetime Brady rival, Jimmie Moore, was caught and pleaded guilty to falsifying his campaign finances to conceal the payment. Brady’s camp claimed it knew nothing of Moore’s attempts to conceal the donation, but Moore’s lawyer disagreed.

The FBI obtained a search warrant for Brady’s emails.

According to Newsweek, there is probable cause to believe that Brady and his associates “were involved in the commission of several crimes, including conspiracy, false statements, producing false records, false campaign contribution reports, and violating limits on campaign contributions and expenditures..."

Brady’s campaign associates were also indicted last month.

You may recall Brady was the same clown that drank the Pope's water when he was here in summer of 2015.

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