Expert: North Korea Could Wipe Out 90 Percent of Americans with an Electromagnetic Pulse

According to an expert, formerly with the CIA, who is now a nuclear strategist, if North Korea attacked our electronics, it could kill 90 percent of the population by crippling the nation’s infrastructure.

Taking out the electronics with an ‘electromagnetic pulse’ (EMP) would be done by detonating a nuclear bomb high above the Earth. The blast would destroy all electronics, and North Korea has claimed it has built a warhead for this very purpose.

The expert outlined his theories in testimony to Congress, and even did an interview with Forbes magazine, where he explained, in detail, how this sort of attack would cripple us.

He said: ‘The US can sustain a population of 320million people only because of modern technology. An EMP that blacks out the electric grid for a year would [destroy] the critical infrastructure necessary to support such a large population.’

  • Airliners – of which there are 5,000 flying over the US at any one time, carrying 500,000 passengers – would crash as their electrical systems were destroyed, killing most on board.
  • The systems that regulate gas flow through pipelines would spark, causing huge fires in cities and forests.
  • Nuclear power plants will melt down within a week, causing radioactive particles to spread across the nation. 
  • Food supplies in supermarkets would be consumed within days. Without power, the national food supply would start to spoil around a month later.
  • A single warhead delivered by a North Korean satellite could shut down the entire electric grid and other critical infrastructure for more than a year.
  • In that time, up to 90 percent of the US population could perish from starvation, disease and societal collapse.

Other experts say North Korea has limited experience with missiles and likely wouldn’t be able to carry out that sort of attack.

Critics of the idea said North Korea would have to detonate a very large bomb in a very specific position in order to pull off the EMP scenario. They said, even if North Korea did do it, tests have shown EMP wreaks a lot less havoc than the nuclear strategist has outlined. LINK TO STORY

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