(Good Kids)... High School Holds A Funeral For Homeless Veteran With No Family Or Friends

High School students in Massachusetts held a funeral for a homeless veteran because he had no living friends or relatives left after he passed away on the streets of Boston.  The man was buried with full military honors.
The students didn’t know the veteran personally, they only knew him as John. One student said he was humbled to honor John, especially so close to veterans day.
The student told media “We have a lot of veterans in our family, so I know the sacrifice he made for the country and I know the service he committed in the years serving our country. Parts of our character is to make sure that you’re there for someone when they need a shoulder to cry on - that you’re there for someone when they need a friend to open up to. So John, in this case, needed a family and we were there to be John’s family."
Despite not knowing John, the students said they were grateful to be able to honor his legacy and celebrate his life. After the service, some of the seniors took his flag-draped casket to the Army hearse and tweeted that he is part of their family forever now.

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