Gubernatorial candidate Gary Richardson files suit challenging three bills...

Richardson called out fellow candidates Tom Lamb and Gary Jones for not joining him.

Lawsuit by candidate for governor says bills were unconstitutional

OKLAHOMA CITY — Republican gubernatorial candidate Gary Richardson on Wednesday filed suit challenging three revenue-raising bills passed last session.

Richardson, a Tulsa attorney, is asking the Oklahoma Supreme Court to find that the laws were unconstitutionally enacted and to prevent the state from enforcing them.

“We are a nation of laws and when our lawmakers refuse to follow our Constitution, then we the people must rise up and ask the courts to defend our Constitution,” said Richardson. “It’s not ‘We the Legislators.’ It’s ‘We the People.’”


House Bill 1449 puts a $100 fee on electric-drive motor vehicle registration and a $30 fee on hybrid-drive motor vehicle registrations. It is expected to generate slightly more than $1 million a year.

Specifically, Richardson alleges House Bill 1449 was passed in the last five days of session. Revenue-raising measures cannot be passed in the last five days of session. Tulsa World Link

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