Now we have a 3rd version of the Deonte Green story!

Assistant District Attorney Julianne Burton said Friday that she argued during Green’s Sept. 20 hearing for an option that would have led to his detention until placement at a juvenile facility rather than release back into the public.

Burton responded by email to several questions from the Tulsa World about that court hearing.

“One of my main concerns about Deonte was that he continued to break into people’s homes and, not steal televisions or game consoles, but instead always zeroed in on firearms,” Burton wrote. “I argued that Deonte was either going to be shot by a homeowner rightfully protecting their home and family or that he was going to hurt or kill a homeowner he came across.”

Sadly the Judge did not heed her advice!

Tulsa County Special Judge Bill Hiddle told the Tulsa World that Green didn’t meet requirements for the prosecutor’s requested option, which would have been placement into custody of the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs.

Hiddle placed the 16-year-old Green on probation on Sept. 20. The judge ordered a mentor, counseling sessions and a “strict” 6 p.m. curfew, according to court minutes.

The judge denied OJA custody as “not qualified, reserve until disposition of remaining cases,” the minutes state.

As a result of the Judge's failure to hold Deonte in custody a 81 year old grandmother was raped and a father shot dead

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