Pat Campbell interviews Tulsa County DA Steve Kunzweiler(PODCAST)

Please listen to the Podcast

Here is what I learned some interesting take-aways.

In the Shannon Kepler case just as in the Betty Shelby case the DA overcharged. The jury in the Kepler case settled on a lesser charge of first-degree manslaughter. This is not what the DA argued in court and it wasn't even an option in the first two mistrials.

We revisited the Monroe Byrd case Ricky Lee Stone the security guard that shot and paralyzed Monroe Byrd was under the influence of Marijuana he had no business being in possession of a firearm. The DA insists since LE didn't observe Ricky Stone to be under the influence he can't prosecute despite blood test from OSBI that show him to have had intoxicated levels of pot in his system.Nobody is buying this BS including me the DA has prosecuted others with less pot in their system. He picks and chooses when he is going to enforce the law. I'm not going to let up until we get Justice for Monroe and his family.

Lastly we explored the case of Deonte Green listen to the podcast you will hear the DA now blame the Judge not Kris Steele like last time. He also claims he knew that his Assistant District Attorney Julianne Burton had argued during Green’s Sept. 20 hearing for an option that would have led to his detention until placement at a juvenile facility rather than release back into the public. But that he couldn't tell me that during the first interview because of the rules regarding juveniles which I think is utter BS.

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