Scott Inman has finished reprioritizing his life.

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Two months after he abruptly ended his gubernatorial campaign and announced he would be stepping down from the legislature during a heated legislative session to “reprioritize his life,” Scott Inman has announced he’s got it all figured out.

He made the announcement on the Friday before a long Christmas weekend – a.k.a. the ideal time for an unpopular politician to share eye-rolling news about their future plans:

“After much consideration and consultation with my family, I have decided to honor the trust and faith shown to me by the citizens of Del City and south Oklahoma City when they elected me to serve as their representative for the sixth time in November of 2016. Today, I am announcing my intent to return to the Oklahoma House next session to complete the important work facing our great state. As the Legislature continues to work toward a bipartisan budget solution to address the myriad of fiscal challenges facing our kids, senior and veterans. I want to ensure my constituents have the voice and the representation they rightfully deserve.”

Wow. How noble of Scott. I wonder if he also thinks his constituents “rightfully deserve” an indecisive slouch who can barely manage his private life and appears to be hiding things?

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