Stanley Glanz's 'political patronage' appraisers still in use by Vic Regalado

Stanley Glanz's 'political patronage' appraisers still in use by Vic Regalado a year after becoming sheriff 


The same “political patronage” appraisers that Sheriff Vic Regalado inherited from Stanley Glanz a year ago, including three with ties to Regalado’s campaign donations, continue to earn thousands of dollars performing appraisals, according to a Tulsa World analysis.

The 11 appraisers collectively have been paid at least $227,000 since July 6, individually accumulating from $15,000 to $26,000 in that span, according to a Tulsa World database compiled from district court records.

Regalado told the Tulsa World in a May 6 interview that all of the appraisers he inherited would have to reapply for their jobs, a process he hoped to accomplish after a month or two of developing and implementing a revamped application process. Tulsa World Article

Terry Simonson from the TCSO responded this morning on #ThePatCampbellShow

The continual coverage over the Sheriff's appraisers continue to be misguided away from the only player in the process that ultimately matters: 

Who asks for the appraisal?        The lenders
Who hires the appraisers?            The lenders
Who pays the appraisers?           The lenders
Who uses the work product from the appraisers?         The lenders
Who cares about the quality of the work product?        The lenders
Who needs a appraised value determined on the property?       The lenders
Who ultimately decides what is a reliable process for determining value?    The lenders
Who can accept or not accept the sources uses to determine the value?     The lenders
Who can accept or not accept an appraisal that does not include a visual inspection:        The lenders
Who can decide if a software program to determine value is acceptable?  The lenders
Who can accept or reject the qualifications of the appraisers?         The lenders
Every step in the process done by others is done for who?:    The lenders
Who has not complained about the current appraisal process?        The lenders 
In the end, whose opinion on the appraisal process matters?         The lenders 
-Terry A. Simonson


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