STOLEN VALOR: Is Rep. Mike Ritze Wearing Medals He Didn't Earn?

One House Colleague Says "Yes"

In an appearance on Thursday April 5th's The Pat Campbell Show on Talk Radio 1170, Rep. Kevin McDugle (R., Dist. 12) made the stunning claim that his Oklahoma House colleague Rep. Mike Ritze (R., District 80) may not be the Disabled Veteran he has claimed to be, and that Ritze is wearing commendation medals he may have never earned. 

(Click here to listen to the podcast of Rep. McDugle's claims)

Talk Radio 1170 did our best to look into the allegations made by Rep. McDugle, visiting as well as his Facebook page and here's what we can confirm:

We also found that sometime during the day on Thursday, a new page was added to that is dedicated to his service in the military, and includes photos of several documents that Rep. McDugle has questions about. 

(Click here to listen to more about our discoveries)

We have reached out to Rep. Ritze for comment, but have yet to get a response.  

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