The First Victims of the Mass Shooting Identified…

The first shooting victims from the mass shooting in Las Vegas have been identified.

Melissa Ramirez, who was a graduate of California State University at Bakersfield, Erick Silva, Tom Day Jr and 35-year-old special education teacher Sandy Casey were also killed in the horrific shooting.

Nurse Sonny Melton was at the concert with his wife, Heather, who’s a surgeon. She says her brave and selfless husband died saving her life. She said, 'He grabbed me and started running when I felt him get shot in the back. I want everyone to know what a kind-hearted, loving man he was, but at this point, I can barely breathe.'

The couple lived in Big Sandy, Tennessee, where he aided his wife in the operating room. They just got married last year.

Mother-of-two, and kindergarten teacher Jenny Parks, of Lancaster, California was also killed. Her aunt, Rhonda Boyle, wrote on Facebook: 'It's a sad day for me and my family my niece was murdered killed by that SOB in Los Vegas. Please pray for me and my family, she was a sweet woman... and a good mother.' She leaves behind a husband and two kids.

Rachael Parker was with fellow off-duty officers from Manhattan Beach, California. The 33-year-old records technician had worked for the force for 10 years.

Mother-of-three, Neysa Tonks, was the latest victim to be identified. Her family started a GoFundMe account in order to raise money for her three sons.  50-year-old Denise Salmon Burditus of West Virginia reportedly died in the arms of her husband of 32 years, just minutes after posting a picture of them at the festival on social media.

Minister’s wife, Rhonda LeRocque, was from Massachusetts, and had been at the concert with her six-year-old daughter, father-in-law and husband of 20 years. Her father-in-law had just taken her daughter home when the gunfire began. She died instantly after being shot in the back of the head.

Below is a list of the identified victims, as of last night:

1- Sonny Melton, a 29-year-old nurse, was fatally shot in the back as he and wife Heather tried to flee
2- Jordan McIldoon, 23, a mechanic's apprentice, was at the festival with his girlfriend when he was shot dead
3- Quinton Robbins, 20, of Henderson, Nevada, who was a student at UNLV
4- Kindergarten teacher and mother-of-two Jenny Parks
5-  Susan Smith, 53, an office manager for the Simi Valley Unified School District
6- Denise Salmon Burditus, 50, reportedly died in her husband Tony Burditus' arms just minutes after posting a picture of themselves at the festival
7- School librarian and mom-of-four Jessica Klymchuk, who was visiting Vegas with her fiance’
8- Adrian Murfitt, 35
9- John Phippen was from Santa Clarita, California, and was with his son, Travis, who’s a medic, when he died. Travis was shot in the arm, but was able to help 14 people around him.
10- Rhonda LeRocque
11- Dana Gardner
12- Bailey Schweitzer
13- Angie Gomez
14- school secretary Lisa Romero
15- Charleston Hartfield, a Las Vegas police officer, military vet and youth football coach
16- Melissa Ramirez, a graduate of California State University at Bakersfield
17- 35-year-old special education teacher Sandy Casey
18- Mother-of-three, Neysa Tonks, was identified by family members; she leaves behind her three sons
19- Rachael Parker, 33, was with fellow off-duty officers and later died at the hospital
20- Father-of-one, Michael Anderson
21- military veteran Christopher Roybal
22- Erick Silva
23- Tom Day Jr
24- attorney Jennifer Irvine


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