The Politcal Pope & His Marxist Mentor by George Neumayr

Author George Neumayr stopped by The Pat Campbell Show Today to discuss his new book 

The Politcal Pope & His Marxist Mentor

Here is some of what they discussed...

In The Political Pope, you will learn:
--how Pope Francis and his aides feuded with Donald Trump over illegal immigration and rooted for his defeat.
-- how the “unholy alliance” between Catholics and Democrats has grown stronger under this pontificate, with the socialist billionaire George Soros, Bernie Sanders (the only candidate invited to the Vatican during the 2016 election season), Al Gore and other prominent progressives working with the Vatican to advance socialism, open borders, and climate-change activism. After rejoicing at the pope’s utility to left-wing causes, Al Gore jokingly asked about Francis, “Is the pope Catholic?”
--why Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, presented himself as a “Pope Francis Catholic” and how the liberal atmosphere under Francis made it easier for Hillary, the most pro-abortion candidate ever, to campaign for the White House.
--how the pope’s visit to the United States in 2015 served as a gift to the Democrats. (He promoted their causes, from amnesty to the abolition of the death penalty, while avoiding any criticism of their secularism or support for abortion and gay marriage. “Even amid a raging debate over Planned Parenthood, he never mentioned abortion,” gushed officials at the Institute of Policy Studies.)
--how the Vatican under Francis has become a nest of extreme environmentalists, many of whom support abortion rights and coercive population control measures. Pope Francis relied on the advice of anti-Catholic activists such as Jeffrey Sachs and Naomi Klein to craft his environmentalist encyclical, Laudato Si. He allowed the façade of St. Peter’s Basilica to be used as a movie screen for a “climate change awareness” film, has added environmentalism to the corporal works of mercy, and called for a “true world political authority” to enforce environmentalist goals.
 --how Pope Francis has rehabilitated many of the Marxist “liberation theologians” whom his predecessors condemned, such as Leonardo Boff, who now serves as an environmentalist adviser to Francis.
--how Pope Francis rocked the Catholic world with his 2014-2015 synod on the family, at which his closest advisers, such as Cardinal Walter Kasper, approved of Catholics in a state of adultery and floated proposals in favor of the sexual revolution. After the synod, the pope released an apostolic exhortation, The Joy of Love, that sent shock waves through the Catholic world by authorizing access to the sacraments for the divorced-and-remarried.
--how his education in socialist Argentina shaped his left-wing political views, which included tutelage from a “fervent communist,” Esther Ballestrino de Careaga, whom he regards as one of his great mentors (“I owe a huge amount to that great woman”).
--why he accepted the gift of a cross shaped in the form of a Marxist hammer and sickle from Evo Morales, Bolivia’s president, saying of it “I understand this work” and “for me it wasn’t an offense.”
--how he has won loud praise from celebrities such as Chris Rock, Jane Fonda, and Bill Maher by calling conservative Catholics “rigid” and by saying that the Church is “obsessed” with moral issues (thus showing these celebrities that he dislikes Catholics for many of the same reasons that they do).
--about the disturbing context of “Who am I to judge?”—his signature phrase that he uttered after he elevated a scandalous monsignor (who had been caught in a series of affairs, including with a member of the Swiss Guard) to a top position at the Vatican bank.
--why Barack Obama says that he has been “hugely impressed” by Pope Francis and how his administration worked with the Vatican to promote alarmism about global warming.
--how a self-described liberal “mafia” in the Church worked to elevate Francis to the papacy and how its leaders, such as Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels and Cardinal Walter Kasper, continue to exert a poisonous influence in the Church with his blessing.
--how his election fulfilled the “Pact of the Catacombs,” a socialist manifesto signed by left-wing bishops around the time of Vatican II (It “was forgotten,” said Cardinal Kasper, “But now he (Francis) brings it back”).
--how his roots in Latin America and membership in the Jesuit order have shaped the left-wing priorities of his papacy. (Francis was a protégé and enforcer for the head of the Jesuits, Pedro Arrupe, during a period of unprecedented liberal ferment within the order. “I was never a right-winger,” Francis has said.)
--how Pope Francis shocked Catholic parents by telling the press that they shouldn’t “be like rabbits” and endorsed condom use in response to Zika fears.
--how Pope Francis is dividing the Church with his open-borders advocacy, calling conservatives “not Christian” for rejecting it and likening opponents of illegal immigration to “Cain.”
--how Pope Francis has served as an apologist for Islam. After the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, he felt the need not to defend free speech in the Christian West but to defend Islam, saying that critics of it should “expect a punch.” After Islamic terrorists cut off the head of Catholic priest in France in July of 2016, he refused to call it “Islamic violence,” instead blaming the spread of terrorism on the “god of money.”
--how Pope Francis delighted atheists by saying that “God is not Catholic” and that they don’t need faith to be saved
--why Pope Francis, who went to Sweden in 2016 to celebrate the 500th anniversary Martin Luther’s revolt from the Church, is called the “Protestant Pope.”
--why Pope Francis is called the “cool pope” for permitting Catholics in a state of adultery to receive Holy Communion. After his niece, Maria Ines Navaja, entered a marriage without the blessing of the Church, she said Francis congratulated her, saying, ‘It’s the best news you have given me.’”
--how Pope Francis has liberalized annulment procedures, the most sweeping change to canon law in centuries, and encouraged cohabitation (“I have seen a lot of fidelity in these cohabitations”), while insulting conscientious Catholics by saying the “great majority” of Catholic marriages are invalid.
-- how Pope Francis has subverted the Church’s moral teachings by publicizing his meetings with avant-garde activists, such as the transgendered Diego Lejarraga, whom Francis approvingly described as the “He that was her but is he.” Meanwhile, he distances himself from pro-lifers and denied granting an audience to Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk imprisoned briefly for conscientious objections to gay marriage.
--how Pope Francis is appeasing the Beijing communist regime by letting it micromanage the Church in China and how he is making it easier for the Castro brothers to retain power in Cuba.
--how Pope Francis is promoting an unprecedented pacifism in the Church by opposing the death penalty, lifetime imprisonment, and the centuries-old “just war”  tradition.
--how Pope Francis is undoing the conservative legacy of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI,
causing cardinals a case of “buyer’s remorse” and spreading chaos and confusion in the Church.




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