Tulsa legislators to hold press conference Monday about Terence Crutcher Scholarship Foundation

Sen. Kevin Matthews and Rep. Regina Goodwin will hold a press conference Monday, October 30 at 10:00 a.m. at Morning Star Baptist Church in Tulsa to discuss hate mail and negativity from citizens because of their support of the Terence Crutcher Scholarship Foundation and address those who disagree with the Foundation's mission.  The church is located at 1014 E. Pine Street.

Here is the problem with the narrative the premise for the Press Conference. Nobody is taking issue with the Terence Crutcher Scholarship Foundation. The issue is the Oklahoma Citation authored by Matthews and Goodwin Honoring The Legacy Of Terence Crutcher. Therein lies the issue what is his Legacy? If you listened to Attorney Shannon McMurray on the show Friday it was a Legacy of Crime, Absentee Parenting & Drug Addiction. Hardly something we would want to honor or ask others to emulate. You will notice the word SCHOLARSHIP is nowhere to be found on the Citation!

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