United Gives Full Refunds to Passengers Who Witnessed Man Get Dragged Off Plane

As United Airlines continues its apology tour for the violent renmoval of a passenger from an overbooked flight, the company is now going to refund everyone who was onboard Flight 3411 the full cost of their ticket.

That flight did make it to its eventual destination in Louisville, Kentucky, but only after being delayed for several hours.

The United CEO Oscar Munoz and his company spent Wednesday trying to clean things up.
He started the day telling ABC News that the company would review its policies and acknowledged that his “initial words truly fell short of what we were experiencing.”
He said felt “shame” when he saw the video, and blamed the incident on a “system failure." “We had not provided our front-line supervisors and managers and individuals with the proper tools, policies and procedures that allow them to use common sense. That’s on me. I have to fix that."
Munoz also said he didn’t think the doctor who got dragged off the plane was at fault: “He was a paying passenger sitting in a seat in our aircraft, and no one should be treated that way, period." Law enforcement will not be allowed on one of their planes “to remove a booked, paid, seating passenger” ever again.


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