Why is Rodney Anderson's accuser, Courtney Thornton not being charged with filing a false report?

Courtney Thornton, the 23-year-old woman who accused Oklahoma running back Rodney Anderson of rape, released a statement Friday defending her claim and expressing diminished faith in the judicial system after charges were not filed against Anderson.

In a statement obtained by the The Oklahoman, Thornton wrote she was too intoxicated to provide Anderson consent during their Nov. 16 encounter.

“I was unable to provide consent after I had ‘blacked-out,’” Thornton’s statement read. “As I stated, I came forward to authorities with the details of my ordeal after I began to remember terrorizing images, thoughts and feelings from that night. My motives for coming forward are pure. My body was violated when I was unable to give consent. I had no desire for anything but criminal justice.”

On Dec. 4, Thornton filed a protective order accusing Anderson of penetrating her with his fingers and biting her. In her Friday statement, Thornton said she is dropping that protective order because she received military orders as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force.

On Thursday, Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn and assistant district attorney Susan Caswell held a press conference announcing their decision not to press charges against Anderson. They released detailed information about Norman police’s investigation, which led the attorneys to believe charges were not warranted. FULL STORY HERE  

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