A Muskogee teenager is celebrating after getting 64 college acceptance letters and more than $1 million in scholarship offers. 

College is an accomplishment Raylynn Thompson has been working towards since she was a little girl. Now, here she is crossing the finish line and she is making sure her friends are right there alongside her.

Twelve years of long nights studying, of dreaming big and of overcoming obstacles have paid off for Muskogee High School Senior Raylynn Thompson.

"I know the importance of education and where it can take me," said Thompson.

Raylynn got into college. Actually, she got into 64 of them. She also earned more than one million dollars in scholarships.

"A lot of times it would be 5 sitting in the mailbox and I would just be like one of these has to be fake, one of them has to be a denial and they never were," said Thompson.

This is an accomplishment Raylynn says isn't about her but all the people who helped her get here.

Those who never stopped believing in her and never stopped pushing her. She calls them her village. During her 18th birthday party, Raylynn told her family and friends she's going to Alcorn State University on a full ride scholarship.

"I thought it was fitting that her party was on a rainy day because rain is only a nuisance to somebody who doesn't have something planted in the ground. My baby is planted," said Raylynn’s mom Lori Thompson. "So many people want to leave their babies in the nest and to me, it was always the opposite. Let's see if you can fly."