A 79-year-old man chased two burglars away from his home, speeding behind them in his pickup until he got their tag number.

“I was probably 25 feet on his tail, and I got his tag number, truck type, and color,” said Carl Boone, who lives in the Minshall Park neighborhood.

Video from a neighbors security camera shows Boone right behind a red truck, with a blue car following. Boone believes the blue car was a lookout and that’s why as he turned the corner towards his house, and saw the door open, two burglars ran out.

“I knew that door was supposed to be shut,” said Boone, describing the scene as he pulled onto the street where he could see his driveway and front door. He said he intended to ram their truck at his house, but they managed to pull away and he followed.

Boone said the burglars turned many times in his neighborhood of curving roads, going as fast as 85 miles an hour at one point, until they pulled out onto 81st Street and he stopped following to avoid a crash. He said looking back on it, he doesn’t know what he would have done if had caught up with them.

The burglars didn’t get away with anything but destroyed the front entry breaking in. Boone replaced the front door and is improving security around his house hoping to avoid another break-in.

 Video from his street shows a blue car making several passes before a maroon pickup circles once almost pulling into another driveway, then continuing. Within a few minutes, the break-in occurred and soon the burglars are speeding away with Boone right behind them and the blue car behind him.

Boone gave the tag number to police, who said without a positive identification of the driver, they may not be able to make an arrest.

“All I need is a name,” said Boone. “And I‘ll send him a bill.”