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Police Searching For Suspect in Robbery Case

6:44 PM Tulsa (Scripps)Tulsa Police are looking for help finding the man seen in the video below. The suspect who is accused of threatening a Walgreens employee in order to receive un-prescribed drugs.
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Police Searching For Suspect in Robbery Case


  1. 4/24/2015Police Searching For Suspect in Robbery Case
  2. 4/24/2015Governor Fallin Signs Budget Regulation Bill for State Agencies
  3. Yesterday
  4. 9:43 a.m.TCSO: Existence of Leaked Document is Proof Department Will Investigate
  5. 4/24/2015Former Rogers County Commissioner Charged with Embezzlement
  6. 4/24/2015Tulsa DA Concerned Over Allegations Against TCSO
  7. 4/24/2015Unlicensed Bounty Hunter Stopped Thanks to Recent Law
  8. 4/24/2015Internal Review Leaked to Media Refutes Sheriff's Statement
  9. 4/24/2015New Law Aims to Protect Road Maintenance Workers
  10. 4/24/2015Severe Weather Expected For the Evening
  11. 4/24/2015OSU Violates Drug Recruitment Policy
  12. 4/24/2015What About That Bahamas Trip? Bates Attorney Answers Questions
  13. 4/23/2015OSU Student Arrested After Making Terrorist Threat
  14. 4/23/2015Bill Banning Fracking Regulations Heads to Senate
  15. 4/23/2015Two Tulsa Police Officers Hurt in Accident With Dump Truck
  16. 4/23/2015Reserve Deputy Attorneys Fire Back About CBS Report
  17. 4/23/2015Network Story Renews Allegations of Impropriety with TCSO and Bates
  18. 4/22/2015Brooks Out as Thunder Coach
  19. 4/22/2015Sand Springs PD Releases Repaired Video of Officer-Involved Shooting
  20. 4/22/2015Why Was 73-Year-Old Reserve Deputy So Close to Arrest Team?
  21. 4/22/2015Law Enforcement Training Official Advocates More Training
  22. 4/22/2015Argument Over Phone Calls Leads to Stabbing Call
  23. 4/22/2015Fourth Victim Comes Forward in Sex Abuse Case
  24. 4/22/2015NEW: Tulsa Sheriff Releases Harris Undercover Video
  25. 4/21/2015Fallin Signs Measure to Allow Qualified Out-of-State Teachers To Take Positions
  26. 4/21/2015Hofmeister Praises Teacher Shortage Law Signed by Governor
  27. 4/21/2015Tulsa Police Release Most Wanted Information
  28. 4/21/2015Tulsa Group Petitions For Deputies to be Fired
  29. 4/21/2015Tax Credit Reform Proposals Move to Governors Desk
  30. 4/21/2015'Very Likely' Recent Earthquakes Triggered by Oil and Natural Gas Drilling
  31. 4/21/2015OK Senate Approves Bill Limiting Access to Police Video
  32. 4/21/2015Blue Bell Ice Cream Expands Recall to All Products
  33. 4/21/2015Stricter Law Enforcement Training Bill Coming Soon
  34. 4/21/2015Harris Family Releases Statement on Bates Not Guilty Plea
  35. 4/21/2015Bates Pleads Not Guilty in Eric Harris Case
  36. 4/21/2015Bates Attorneys Clark and Corbin Brewster Speak with Pat Campbell
  37. 4/20/2015Teen Killed in Fatal Crash Involving Church Van
  38. 4/20/2015Young Man Sentenced to Life in Prison in Teen Murder
  39. 4/20/2015Tulsa World Reporters Featured on National News for Harris Coverage Resign
  40. 4/21/2015Harris Family Attorney Responds to Bates Records Release
  41. 4/21/2015Glanz Reassigns Two Deputies in Undercover Sting Gone Wrong
  42. 4/20/2015Glanz Apologizes to Eric Harris Family, Faces Media
  43. 4/20/2015Breaking:Glanz "FBI Found No Wrong Doing" in Harris Shooting
  44. 4/19/2015Reserve Deputy Releases Training Records
  45. 4/19/2015Sheriff's Office Announces Jail Expansion Groundbreaking
  46. 4/18/2015Two men shot after attempted robbery in East Tulsa
  47. 4/17/2015Sheriff's Office Announces "We're Listening" to Quell Rumors
  48. 4/17/2015State Senator Involves Black Community After Fatal Taser/Gun Mix-up
  49. 4/17/2015Fallin Signs Nitrogen Gas Execution Bill
  50. 4/17/2015Brawl Over Smart Phone Brands Leads to Arrest
  51. 4/17/2015McVeigh Documents Donated To Texas Museum
  52. 4/17/2015Life Sentence for Teen Convicted in Murder of Mother
  1.  One Dead, Four Missing After Storm Hits Alabama Regatta
  2.  Body Found in Burning Car at Maryland Golf Course
  3.  Will LSU Have to Declare 'Bankruptcy'?
  4.  American Filmmaker Died 'Doing What He Loved'
  5.  Rescue Choppers Pluck the Badly Wounded Off Everest
  6.  Richard Engel Reports on Aftershocks in Nepal
  7.  Major Aftershock Hits Nepal as Quake Death Toll Climbs
  8.  It Looks Like China Has a New Bestie
  9.  Little Girl Finds Dismembered Newborn in Backyard
  10.  Teen Football Star Shot Dead One Block From Home
  11.  Israeli Forces Kill Two Knife-Wielding Palestinians: Cops
  12.  Cops: Airplane Cleaner Stole iPads, 1,429 Bottles of Booze
  13.  Can the Chesapeake Bay and its Blue Crabs Recover?
  14.  What You Missed at White House Correspondents' Dinner
  15.  Death Toll Rises After Devastating Earthquake in Nepal
  16.  These Were Cecily Strong's Funniest Political Jabs
  17.  17 Bodies Found on Everest After Huge Nepal Earthquake
  18.  Violence Mars Freddie Gray Protests in Baltimore
  19.  Zing! Check Out Obama's Best Correspondents' Dinner Jokes
  20.  Charities, Nations Rush to Help After Nepal Quake

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