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Sen. Lankford to KFAQ: Left is Trying to Limit Free Speech

8:41 AM TULSA (KFAQ staff report) - U.S. Senator James Lankford appeared on KFAQ's Pat Campbell Show on Tuesday morning and discussed with PC many hot topics, including the Colorado Springs shooting, health care for Oklahoma veterans, Donald Trump, and Syrian refugees.
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Sen. Lankford to KFAQ: Left is Trying to Limit Free Speech


  1. 8:41 a.m.Sen. Lankford to KFAQ: Left is Trying to Limit Free Speech
  2. 7:29 a.m.Sen. Lankford to KFAQ: Answers to Disgraceful Wasteful Spending
  3. 5:57 a.m.Cold This Morning With Highs in the 50s This Afternoon
  4. 5:02 a.m.Bartlesville Foundation Receives Record $2 Million Gift
  5. Yesterday
  6. 8:50 a.m.Ex-Union High School QB Named Head Coach at Va Tech
  7. 7:29 a.m.Severe Weather Leads to Gov. Fallin's Declaration of Emergency
  8. 6:56 a.m.Earthquake Hours Away By Car Felt By Tulsans, Kansans
  9. 6:45 a.m.Colorado Shooter 'Never Hinted' He Was Targeting PP
  10. 6:01 a.m.University of Chicago Cancels Classes Over Threat
  11. 5:54 a.m.Man With a Crowbar Shot in the Shoulder at Burger King
  12. 5:44 a.m.Four Teens Arrested After Car Chase
  1.  He Fired His Top Cop. Is Chicago's Rahm Emanuel Next?
  2.  'More Pressure' on ISIS: Pentagon to Unleash Special Ops Force
  3.  World Aids Day Honored from New Delhi to New York
  4.  "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" Read by Keith Morrison
  5.  Men More Likely to Take Paternity Leave for a Son
  6.  Read 'The Grinch' With Dateline's Keith Morrison
  7.  'Trusted' but Controversial: Who Is Obama's ISIS Czar?
  8.  Chicago Police Chief Fired Amid Controversies
  9.  These Are Spotify's Most-Streamed Artists of 2015
  10.  Frustrated College President: 'This is Not a Daycare'
  11.  Ten Years Later, a Fraternity Hazing Death Still Takes Its Toll
  12.  Coke-Funded Obesity Group Disbands
  13.  ISIS Has 300 Americans on Twitter Looking for Recruits
  14.  Russia Won't Make Quick U-Turn on Syria, Obama Warns
  15.  Villagers to Refugees: Please Don't Fear 'Christmas Devils'
  16.  JetBlue to Recruit Non-Fliers to be Pilots
  17.  Ted Cruz: Democrats Making Up Threat of 'Condom Police'
  18.  Chicago Mayor to Launch Police Task Force Amid Backlash
  19.  Insurgents Remain on Top in GOP Race
  20.  Pilots' Response to Malfunction Caused Crash That Killed 162

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