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Man Rescued from Car in Creek

9:18 AM Tulsa (KTUL) A man was rescued from a creek after his vehicle fell into water.
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Man Rescued from Car in Creek


  1. 9:29 a.m.Black Mass met with protests.
  2. 9:26 a.m.Handicap visitors at State Fair look for improvements
  3. 9:18 a.m.Man Rescued from Car in Creek
  4. 9:15 a.m.Police Respond to Shooting in Midtown Tulsa
  5. 8:53 a.m.EPA, state marks cleanup phase at Superfund site
  6. 8:49 a.m.Man dies in northeast Oklahoma church fire
  7. 8:46 a.m.4 hospitalized after 2 separate Muskogee shootings
  8. 8:43 a.m.Body found behind Oklahoma City church
  1.  White House Intruder Suffered 'Terrible' Incident in Iraq: Ex-Wife
  2.  Found! Missing Afghan Soldiers Caught Trying to Enter Canada
  3.  White House Intruder Had 800 Rounds of Ammo in Car
  4.  U.S. Cracks Down on Companies Moving Overseas
  5.  'F' Is for Firearm: More Teachers Can Carry Guns in Class
  6.  Supreme Court Justice Officiates First Same-Sex Wedding
  7.  Five Steps That Men Can Take to Avert Heart Attacks
  8.  Ravens Owner Says No One at Team Will Lose Job
  9.  Wesleyan Tells Residential Fraternities to Allow Women
  10.  Move Over, Braille: This New App Helps Blind People Read
  11.  Billionaires Are Hoarding Mountains of Cash: Survey
  12.  Price of Terror: How Much Does ISIS Pay Foreign Fighters?
  13.  American Support for Gay Marriage Dips Slightly: Survey
  14.  Will Apartment Hold the Clues to Find Hannah Graham?
  15.  Kickstarter: Creators Must Complete Project, or Fess Up
  16.  Alaska Reporter Shows How Not to Quit a Job
  17.  Jailed for 23 Years, Exonerated Man Dies of Asthma Attack
  18.  College Student Mauled to Death By Black Bear
  19.  Number of Deaths Linked to GM Ignition Rises
  20.  Found! Missing Afghan Soldiers Spotted Trying to Enter Canada
  21.  Infographic: Domestic Violence by the Numbers
  22.  Police Say They're Zeroing In On Trooper Slay Suspect
  23.  Afghan Soldiers' Disappearance Is Not Alarming, Cops Say
  24.  Hakuna Matata: 'Lion King' Is Box-Office Monarch
  25.  Woman Hit by Bicyclist in Central Park Dies

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