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Smart911: It Will Give Your Family, Pets a Fighting Chance

9:50 AM TULSA (KFAQ staff) - Would you like to help give your family or even your dog or cat a fighting chance when crews respond to your home in a time of emergency? Now there is a way.
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Smart911: It Will Give Your Family, Pets a Fighting Chance


  1. 10/2/2015Smart911: It Will Give Your Family, Pets a Fighting Chance
  2. 10/2/2015TPD Set up Fair Booth Hoping to Find New Leads on Cold Cases
  3. 10/2/2015Shooting Witness: Gunman Told Victims Prepare to See God
  4. 10/2/2015Challenge Made Over Michael Bever Being Tried as Adult
  5. 10/2/2015Authorities Find Meth Lab at Scene of West Tulsa Motel Fire
  6. 10/2/2015Fired Tulsa County Major Feels Vindicated by Grand Jury
  7. 10/2/2015Oklahoma AG Asks for Indefinite Stay of State's Executions
  8. 10/1/2015Tulsa Undersheriff Richard Weigel Makes Official Statement After Sheriff's Resignation
  9. 10/1/2015Governor Fallin Answers Following Richard Glossip's Stay of Execution
  10. 10/1/2015AG Scott Pruitt Asks For Stay of All Scheduled Executions
  11. 10/1/2015TPS Bus Involved in Hit-and-Run
  12. 10/1/2015Caretaker of Disabled Resident Charged With Neglect
  13. 10/1/2015Gov. Fallin Grants 37-Day Stay to Convicted Killer
  14. 10/1/2015Social Media Leads to Very Unsocial Robbery
  15. 10/1/2015Bridenstine tells KFAQ: CR That Just Passed Funds Abortions
  16. 10/1/2015Glanz's Chief of Staff Raises Some Eyebrows on KFAQ
  17. 9/30/2015READ: Sheriff Stanley Glanz Resignation Letter
  18. 9/30/2015Governor Fallin Issues Stay of Execution for Richard Glossip
  19. 9/30/2015KFAQ Timeline of Events Leading Up to Glanz's Resignation
  20. 9/30/2015BREAKING - Glanz Indicted; Will Speak to Judge of Resignation
  21. 9/30/2015GOP Offers to Give Ten Commandments Monument New Home
  22. 9/30/2015BREAKING: Simonson Confident of Glanz Vindication
  23. 9/30/2015Condemned Killer's Attorneys Reach Out With Letter to Gov.
  24. 9/30/2015DA Kunzweiler on KFAQ: Monroe Bird Case is Status Quo
  25. 9/30/2015DA tells KFAQ He is Ready to Proceed in Bevers Murder Case
  26. 9/30/2015DA Kunzweiler Tells KFAQ 'No New Charges in Baby's Death'
  27. 9/30/2015Settlement Unresolved for Wrongly Incarcerated Man
  28. 9/30/2015GOP Candidate Fiorina Pushes in OKC for Energy Industry
  29. 9/30/2015Man Takes Shots at Intruders at His Neighbor's Home
  30. 9/29/2015Medical Examiner's Report Paints Graphic Picture of Baby's Death
  31. 9/29/2015Quest to Find Stolen Purse Ends in Sting Arrest
  32. 9/29/2015UPDATE: FOUND. Muskogee Police Find Missing Woman
  33. 9/29/2015Police Search for Possible Suspect in Burglaries
  34. 9/29/2015Tulsa Health Department Plans to Keep Tulsa State Fair Safe
  35. 9/29/2015Attorney's Request Reconsideration in Glossip Decision
  36. 9/29/2015Group Orders Removal of Ten Commandments Stone
  37. 9/29/2015Gov. Mary Fallin Scheduled to Speak in Broken Arrow
  38. 9/29/2015OSBI Investigating Death of OKC Jail Inmate
  39. 9/29/2015Yorkie Drives Truck Into Lake After Near Attack
  40. 9/29/2015GOP Front-runner Trump Proposes New Tax Plan
  41. 9/29/2015Appellate Court Narrowly Denies Request for Glossip Hearing
  42. 9/29/2015Good Samaritan Helps Two Young Girls in Attack
  43. 9/29/2015Full Moon Cafe on Cherry Street Closes its Doors
  44. 9/29/2015Man Arrested Second Time in as Many Months After Chases
  45. 9/29/2015Energy Expert Doesn't Foresee Changes for Williams Employees
  46. 9/29/2015Tulsa Couple Gets Engaged on 'The Voice'
  47. 9/28/2015Jeb Bush Plans Private Fundraising Stop in Oklahoma City
  48. 9/28/2015Court Rejects Stay of Execution for Richard Glossip
  49. 9/28/2015Crescent School District Looking to Repair Earthquake Damage
  50. 9/28/2015New Center to Help More HIV/AIDS Clients
  51. 9/28/2015Battle Continues Over Gun Museum in Claremore
  1.  Doctors' Group Denies Taliban Were Firing From Hospital
  2.  New Search for Ship Lost Off Bahamas in Hurricane Joaquin
  3.  Families Mourn Victims of Guatemala Landslide
  4.  Oregon Shooter Showed No Sympathy in Killings: Witnesses
  5.  'Once in 500 Years' Downpour Threatens South Carolina
  6.  New Psychiatric DNA Testing Is Unproven Ground
  7.  Searchers Find Life Ring in Hunt for Missing Cargo Ship
  8.  Why This Photo of Eating in Public Is No Mere Selfie
  9.  Holy Hotline: This Priest Has Saved Thousands of Lives
  10.  Polls: Trump Still Leads in IA and NH, But Loses Ground
  11.  Joe Biden Hits Republicans Over Stance on LGBT Issues
  12.  Hillary Meets 'Hillary': Clinton Has Fun in 'SNL' Cameo
  13.  Trump: Mideast Would Be More Stable With Saddam, Gadhafi
  14.  Why This Photo of Eating in Public Is No More Selfie
  15.  French Riviera Flash Floods Kill at Least 16
  16.  Ethicist: The ACLU is Right to Sue Catholic Hospitals
  17.  Medical Charity Exits Afghan City After Deadly Airstrike
  18.  Tim Cook Honored With LGBT Advocacy Award
  19.  2 Israelis Killed, Teen Stabbed in Attacks in Jerusalem
  20.  Hundreds Feared Dead in Guatemala Mudslide

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