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Tulsa County Jail Screening New Inmates For Ebola

9:24 AM TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) There aren't any cases of Ebola in Oklahoma, but many places aren't taking any chances, including the Tulsa County Jail.
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Tulsa County Jail Screening New Inmates For Ebola


  1. 10/17/2014Tulsa County Jail Screening New Inmates For Ebola
  2. 10/17/2014Benches Removed Downtown To Battle Panhandling
  3. 10/17/2014Halloween becomes sexualized -- even for children
  4. 10/17/2014Tinker units deploy to fight ISIS
  5. 10/17/2014Man sentenced for producing child pornography
  6. 10/17/2014Inhofe calls for travel ban amid Ebola outbreak
  7. 10/17/2014Board of Education to consider new testing vendor
  8. 10/17/2014 Tulsa man arrested for meth, guns
  9. 10/16/2014Tulsa Co. Jail to Pay Fee for New Arrests
  10. 10/16/2014Crews Working to Repair Water Line Break on Memorial
  11. 10/16/2014Latest Nurse to Test Positive for Ebola Called CDC Before Boarding Plane: Report
  12. 10/16/2014Doctor describes KD's injury
  13. 10/16/2014Republican party weighs in on upcoming elections
  14. 10/16/2014Red Cross urging earthquake preparedness
  15. 10/16/2014Get rid of unwanted medications Saturday
  16. 10/16/2014Regents to vote on Oklahoma's education standards
  17. 10/16/2014Hearing delayed for man charged in Weleetka case
  18. 10/15/2014CDC and Frontier Airlines Announce Passenger Notification Underway
  19. 10/15/2014Police Chief Says Man Confessed to Killing Parents and Sister
  20. 10/15/2014Water Line Break Causes Traffic Tie-Ups in Midtown Tulsa
  21. 10/15/2014Officials discuss second case of Ebola in Dallas
  22. 10/15/2014Lawmaker supports school's prayer photo
  23. 10/15/2014Broken Arrow police warn of telephone scam
  24. 10/15/2014$1 million lottery ticket redeemed
  25. 10/15/2014Oklahoma gas prices down 10 cents in past week
  26. 10/15/2014Tulsa manufacturer to move headquarters
  27. 10/14/2014Should Homeland Security Be in Charge of Ebola Protocols?
  28. 10/14/2014Oklahoma family found dead inside home
  29. 10/14/2014Oklahoma health officials say Ebola plans in place
  30. 10/14/2014Oklahoma House panel to discuss new standards
  31. 10/14/2014Deputy fatally shoots Oklahoma man
  32. 10/14/2014Oklahoma woman sought after fatal stabbing
  33. 10/14/2014Tulsa driver injured by piece of crumbling bridge
  34. 10/13/2014Power Restored After Storms Move Through Oklahoma
  35. 10/13/2014Lightning May Have Started West Tulsa House Fire
  36. 10/13/2014Edmond woman accuses her neighbor of taking Halloween too far
  37. 10/13/2014Nationally renowned speakers to discuss violence in Moore at Fairview Baptist Church on Monday
  38. 10/13/2014Salvation Army bus burned in Shawnee
  39. 10/13/2014Lieutenant governor tops Oklahoma races undercard
  40. 10/13/2014Oklahoma dam road to close for routine inspection
  41. 10/13/2014Lawton woman struck by car after argument
  42. 10/13/2014Storms damage homes in southwest Oklahoma
  43. 10/11/2014Soon You'll Be Able to Use Your Pikepass In Kansas
  44. 10/10/2014Hospital Says OKC Patient Doesn't Have Ebola
  45. 10/10/2014Tulsa minister pleads guilty to wire fraud
  46. 10/10/2014Oklahoma prison officials unveil new death chamber
  47. 10/10/2014Tulsa participating in charitable giving campaign
  48. 10/10/2014AAA Oklahoma accepting donations for food drive
  49. 10/10/2014Slight chance of severe weather in Oklahoma Friday
  50. 10/9/2014Muskogee Police Arrest Man On Several Drug, Weapons Complaints
  51. 10/9/2014Claremore Man Sentenced for Threatening the Life of the President
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  15.  In the Clear: 48 Come Off Ebola Watch List in Texas
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  17.  Spat Over Spitting on Sidewalk Leads to Shooting: Cops
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  25.  'Get My Dad!': Rescuer Pulls Man From Burning Home

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