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Senate Completes Legislative Session

4:24 PM Tulsa (KFAQ) - The Senate on Friday completed the first session of the 55th Oklahoma Legislature one week ahead of schedule.
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Senate Completes Legislative Session


  1. Yesterday
  2. 4:24 p.m.Senate Completes Legislative Session
  3. 1:23 p.m.Santorum to Announce Presidential Intentions Next Week
  4. 1:16 p.m.Man Arrested After Year-Long Investigation
  5. 12:38 p.m.Bill Modifying Reading Sufficiency Act Clears Senate
  6. 10:54 a.m.Alleged Armed Home Invasion Leads to Drug Bust
  7. 10:38 a.m.Arrest Made in 21-Year-Old Tulsa Cold Case
  8. 10:02 a.m.Two Big Names Pull Out of GOP Conference in OKC
  9. 8:10 a.m.AP's Top 10 Things You'll be Talking About Friday
  10. 8:00 a.m.Moving Elephants to OKC No Cheap Deal
  11. 7:28 a.m.Oklahoma Names First Female Combat Arms Officer
  12. 7:10 a.m.Body of Ft. Sill Soldier Recovered After Flooding
  1.  Counting Begins in Ireland's Gay Marriage Vote
  2.  Cops Escort Girls Without Fathers to 'Daddy Daughter Dance'
  3.  Senate Blocks NSA Bill, Grants Obama Fast-Track Trade Power
  4.  Oil-Soaked Pelicans Found Dead Near California Spill
  5.  Feds Find Criminal Wrongdoing in GM Ignition Defect
  6.  Hundreds Attend Las Vegas Public Viewing of B.B. King
  7.  Dozens Killed in Cartel Area Shootout in Mexico
  8.  Senate Votes to Grant Obama Fast-Track Trade Power
  9.  Feds Find Criminal Wrongdoing in GM Ignition Defect
  10.  TLC Pulls '19 Kids and Counting' After Allegations
  11.  Polls Closed After Historic Irish Gay Marriage Vote
  12.  State Department Releases Hundreds of Clinton's Emails
  13.  Leaky California Oil Pipeline Ordered to Close
  14.  Timeline of a Mystery: How Police Tracked Accused Mansion Killer
  15.  D.C. Mansion Murder Suspect Had Help: Cops
  16.  Tourists Flock to Cuba Before It Loses Old World Charm
  17.  Casey Kasem's Widow Won't Be Charged With Abuse
  18.  Ex-Honduran President's Son Charged in Coke Smuggle
  19.  That's One Small Step Toward Creating a Dino-Chicken
  20.  Live Off the Grid in This Solar-Powered 'Ecocapsule' Pod

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