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Four Arrested in West Tulsa Murder

9:29 AM TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) After a 14-day investigation, four are now in police custody in the murder of a Tulsa woman.
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Four Arrested in West Tulsa Murder


  1. 9:29 a.m.Four Arrested in West Tulsa Murder
  2. 9:20 a.m.Pruitt wants Oklahoma challenge in Supreme Court
  3. 9:17 a.m.Democratic Party officials mull 5th District suit
  4. 9:15 a.m.Accused gunman captured in Seminole County
  5. 9:09 a.m.Shipping thru Tulsa Port of Catoosa up in October
  6. Yesterday
  7. 7:34 a.m.Attorneys want DA's office off hostage case
  8. 7:29 a.m.City's first Startup Day & Expo scheduled Thursday
  9. 7:27 a.m.Catoosa man dies when crane crashes after blowout
  10. 5:12 a.m.OSU getting EPA recognition for use of green power
  1.  New Snow Dangers as Buffalo Tries to Dig Out
  2.  New Storm Dangers: Falling Roofs and Flooding
  3.  FSU Shooter Left Message: 'I Do Not Want to Die in Vain'
  4.  Explorers Descend Into Mysterious Siberian Crater
  5.  Legal Drama: House Republicans File Suit Against Obama
  6.  Kerry Leaves Iran Nuclear Talks as Clock Ticks
  7.  Hello Sailors! Warship Berths Next to Sunbathers
  8.  Watch Drone Footage of Snowbound Suburban NY
  9.  House Divided: What's GOP's Next Move on Immigration?
  10.  'Imagine' How Much Lennon's Guitar Will Sell For
  11.  Florida Nurse Latest to Accuse Cosby of Forced Sex
  12.  House Divided: What's GOP's Next Move on Immigration?
  13.  Two Ohio Men Wrongly Convicted of Murder Walk Free
  14.  Holder Praises Peaceful Protest as Ferguson Waits
  15.  That Thing About Canseco's Finger Falling Off? A Hoax
  16.  Kerry, Iran Counterpart Leave Nuke Talks as Clock Ticks
  17.  Megatron Is 'Man Amongst Boys Out There,' Revis Says
  18.  'Out of the Shadows': Obama Acts on Deportation Relief
  19.  New Dangers: Flood and Collapse Fears Follow Epic Snow
  20.  Armed Woman Arrested Outside White House
  21.  Friday's Top 6 News Stories
  22.  Ukraine's President Heckled on Uprising Anniversary
  23.  Clock Ticks on Iran Nuclear Deadline: What's at Stake?
  24.  Where's the Snow? Not in Alaska's Largest City
  25.  'Out of the Shadows': Obama Acts on Deportation Relief for Millions

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