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Tulsa Sheriff to Take Case to State Supreme Court

6:31 PM Attorneys for Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz have filed an emergency application to take his case to quash a petition to impanel a grand jury to investigate his office to the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.
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Tulsa Sheriff to Take Case to State Supreme Court


  1. 7/2/2015Tulsa Sheriff to Take Case to State Supreme Court
  2. 7/2/2015Attorney for Sheriff Glanz to Take Petition Before Supreme Court
  3. 7/2/2015Man Shot at North Tulsa Car Wash Has Died
  4. 7/2/2015Podcast: All Things Medical 6-28-15
  5. 7/2/2015Nine More OK Counties Approved for Federal Aid Bringing Total to 33
  6. 7/2/2015High Water Levels Affecting Shorelines at Area Lakes
  7. 7/2/2015County Commissioner Arrested on Drug and Weapons Charges
  8. 7/2/2015SAE National Branch Announces New Director of Diversity
  9. 7/2/2015Tulsa's Most Wanted Sought for Murder
  10. 7/2/2015State Auditor InvestigatIng Wagoner County Sheriff
  11. 7/2/2015Whole Foods Apologizes for Over Pricing
  12. 7/2/2015First Sweep at Navy Yard Shows No Evidence of Shooting
  13. 7/2/2015Two People Seen Jumping Fence at Time of Navy Yard Shooting
  14. 7/2/2015Investigation into Shots Fired at US Navy Yard in Washington
  15. 7/2/2015Oklahoman's Appeal Denied in Hitman Case
  16. 7/2/2015Recreational Re-openings for Holiday Weekend
  17. 7/1/2015Oklahoma AG Sues EPA for Clean Power Plan Rule
  18. 7/1/2015Family of Man Paralyzed by Guard Blame Tulsa DA for His Death
  19. 7/1/2015Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt Sues EPA for Unlawful Clean Power Plan Rule
  20. 7/1/2015Wagoner County Sheriff Also Under Investigation From State Auditor
  21. 7/1/2015Republicans Plan to Seek Public Vote to Amend State Constitution in Response to Ten Commandments Decision
  22. 7/1/2015OSBI Reports Crimes Rates in Oklahoma Dropped in 2014
  23. 7/1/2015Sen. Standridge Calls Supreme Court Rulings an Assault on States’ Rights
  24. 7/1/2015PSO Seeks 13.6 Percent Rate Increase
  25. 7/1/2015Unemployment Rate Increases in Oklahoma for Month of May
  26. 7/1/2015Two Arrested in in Chicago for Tulsa Homicide
  27. 7/1/2015Wagoner County Sheriff : I Will Not Resign
  28. 7/1/2015Man Shot and Paralyzed by Security Guard Has Died
  29. 7/1/2015Fatality Crash Off Broken Arrow Expressway
  30. 7/1/2015Man in a Wheelchair is Robbed
  31. 7/1/2015Okmulgee Parents Upset Over Possible School Closing
  32. 7/1/2015Gov. Fallin Calls for Revision in Alzheimer's Care
  33. 7/1/2015Interesting Twist in Reunion with Lost Dog
  34. 6/30/2015OSBI Investigating Wagoner County Sheriff
  35. 6/30/2015We the People Leader and Sheriff Glanz Respond to Petition Ruling
  36. 6/30/2015Tulsa County DA Steve Kunzweiler Steps Down From TCSO Investigation
  37. 6/30/2015Video Released of Tahlequah Officer-Involved Fatal Shooting
  38. 6/30/2015Judge Sides with We the People, Grand Jury Probe Moves Forward
  39. 6/30/2015Oklahoma AG to Fight Ruling to Remove 10 Commandments from Capitol
  40. 6/30/2015Man Says He Will Give Up Fight for Gay Rights Plates
  41. 6/30/2015State Supreme Court Allows Woman to Sue Over Quake Injury
  42. 6/30/2015Judge Denies Community Organizer's Motion to Dismiss Sheriff's Action
  43. 6/30/2015Oklahoma Supreme Court: Remove 10 Commandments from Capitol
  44. 6/30/2015Judge Denies Sheriff's Motion to Dismiss Grand Jury Petition
  45. 6/30/2015North Tulsans Disappointed With Lack of Grocery Stores
  46. 6/30/2015Forum Set on Feral Hogs Problem
  47. 6/30/2015Tulsa Family Happy With Supreme Court Ruling on Executions
  48. 6/30/2015Fireworks Tough on Some Veterans
  49. 6/30/2015Tahlequah Teen Still Missing After Two Weeks
  50. 6/30/2015Decision Expected on Whether Sheriff Will Be Investigated
  51. 6/30/2015Advice to Keep Pets Calm During Fireworks
  1.  Police Kill Gunman After Shootout in Texas Luxury Hotel
  2.  Deck Collapse During Family Photo Injures 24
  3.  'Terminator,' 'Magic Mike' Fizzle At July 4th Box Office
  4.  NASCAR Fans Defend Confederate Flag at Daytona
  5.  Woman Killed While Trying to Save Suicidal Boyfriend
  6.  Doc in Bogus Cancer Horror to Face Ex-Patients
  7.  Prince George Peeks at Little Sister After Christening
  8.  A Level Playing Field: Why USA Is So Strong in Women's Soccer
  9.  Prison Escapee Returned to Max Security Prison
  10.  8 Dead, 37 Wounded in July 4th Violence in Chicago
  11.  Princess Charlotte Christened in Countryside Ceremony
  12.  Ted Cruz: The Justices 'Put on an Obama Jersey'
  13.  Opinion Polls Show 'No' Winning in Greek Referendum
  14.  See Princess Charlotte on Her Christening Day
  15.  Kerry Locked in Negotiations as Iran Talks Deadline Looms
  16.  Finally! Royal Baby's Godparents Are Revealed
  17.  Man Shoots Firework From Top of His Head, Dies
  18.  Cheers! Champagne Region Wins World Heritage Status
  19.  Abandoned Baby Girl Found on Side of Maryland Road
  20.  Why Korean Cars Are Getting Better and Better

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