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Show Lineup

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4am-6am The Wall Street Journal This Morning (Show Page)

6am-9am Pat Campbell (Show Page)

9am-Noon Glenn Beck (Show Page)

Noon-2pm Laura Ingraham (Show Page)

2pm-5pm The Schnitt Show (Show Page)

5pm-8pm Mark Levin (Show Page)

8pm-10pm Michael Savage (Show Page)

10pm-Midnight Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis (Show Page)

Midnight-4am Coast to Coast AM (Show Page)


5am-7am Hook and Hunt (Show Page)

7am-8am House Talk (Show Page)

8am-9am The Wall Street Journal Weekend (Show Page)

9am-11am Larry Kudlow (Show Page)

11am-Noon Money Talk (Show Page)

Noon-1pm Motley Fool Money (Show Page)

1pm-4pm Monica Crowley (Show Page)

4pm-7pm Glenn Beck (Show Page)

7pm-8pm The Best of Pat Campbell (Show Page)

8pm-Midnight Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell (Somewhere in Time) (Show Page)

Midnight-5am  Coast to Coast AM (Weekend Edition) (Show Page)


5am-6am Motley Fool Money (Show Page)

6am-7am The Best of Pat Campbell (Show Page)

7am-7:30am The Place for Parties

7:30am-8am The Bridge Church (website)

8am-8:30am The Annica Thomas Show (Show Page)

8:30am-9am The Weekly Roundtable (Show Page)

9am-10am All Things Medical

10am-10:30am Health Show

10:30am-11am Church of God

11am-Noon First Baptist Church (website)

Noon-1pm Money Talk (Show Page)

1pm-2pm All Things Medical

2pm-4pm GunTalk (Show Page)

4pm-5pm Direct Delivery with David Keesling (Show Page)

5pm-6pm Larry Kudlow (Show Page)

6pm-9pm Ben Ferguson (Show Page)

9pm-Midnight Coast to Coast AM (Best of) (Show Page)

Midnight-4am Coast to Coast AM (Show Page)


Tulsa, OK

S at 20 mph

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Weekday Shows

4a-6a The Wall Street Journal
6a-9a Pat Campbell Show
9a-12p Glenn Beck Program
12p-2p Laura Ingraham Show
2p-5p The Schnitt Show 
5p-8p Mark Levin Show
8p-10p Michael Savage Show

10p-12a Ground Zero
12a-4a Coast to Coast AM

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Events Calendar

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Location: BOK Center - Tulsa

Aaron Lewis

Location: Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa

So You Think You Can Dance Tour 2014

Location: Brady Theater - Tulsa

Jingle Bell Run

Location: BOK Center - Tulsa

The Black Keys

Location: BOK Center - Tulsa

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